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  Danny Decock

Danny can do it all by himself. The piano tunes, the drums, the flute and whatever noise his keyboard can produce. The mysterious guy from Vienna, starts creating music where sound comes into being: with real instruments. He began all this at the age of five, when his fingers were big enough to reach a couple of keys on his parents’ piano. Later he started playing the drums and years of practice qualified him to become a drummer and percussionist in a whole range of live bands from his original home town of Regensburg. For example playing funk and soul in a band called “Soulflash” or being part of “Nomad”, a group doing a latin afro jazz fusion type of sound. But it was not always the applause of an audience he was aiming at: He well remembers the countless jam sessions with like-minded fellows, improvising sounds just for the sake of it. During all this time and ever since one tool accompanied his journeys into sound: the computer. He had been experimenting with electronic music production for quite a while when he seriously started to proceed digitally what he had learnt to create organically. Being able to combine those skills his often dark and electronic compositions still have the warmth and the analog feeling that will remind you where music once came from: acustic instruments and capable musicians.

Danny Decock appears on the following releases on Equinox Records:

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