Sleep Is For The Weak...

Ask producer/engineer DiViNCi (Glen Valencia, Jr.) what sleep is and he'll tell you he doesn't remember. Apparently he hasn't rested since he was 14. At that age, he independently released his first group's album, which he produced, mixed, and arranged. Even the artwork was led by his direction. DiViNCi has come a long way since his high school days in Pennsylvania. Now residing in Orlando, Florida, where he polished his existing audio engineering skills with formal training, 21 year-old DiViNCi has added a countless number of projects to his creative and versatile portfolio of sound.

Over the past seven years he has engineered and produced music ranging from hybrids of jazz and hip hop to funk and country, all of which allow his style to shine through with an organic, soulful, and, yet, experimental appeal. As not to limit his duties in the studio to just producing, DiViNCi's sound design and editing skills have served him well in picking up additional audio post-production work. He has also tacked on the title of poet, and studio owner to his repertoire. DiViNCi is taking on as many trades as possible. Through doing so he hopes to elude what people expect of him. And just as the artist of the same name did many years ago, DiViNCi plans to even further master his current duties as he learns new skills to broaden awareness to new styles and limitless sounds.

In addition to being an all around studio and programming wizard, DiViNCi is also constantly raising the bar for his own live performances by being among the few to use a sampling/drum machine as an instrument rather than a tool. Whether supporting other musicians or soloing on his own, DiViNCi always uses two MPC2000XLs (his weapons of choice) to freely mimic any sound, style, or instrument fulfilling his need for a new embodiment of Free Jazz. As a huge fan of improvisation, you may never know what to expect from a DiViNCi performance, but you can always count on him to go all out, often resulting in an overwhelming emotional and physical experience. Through many beat-filled performances as well as working out of his own Soul.illoquy Lounge Recording Studio in Orlando, DiViNCi, along with fellow Sol.illaquists and others of the same ambition, hope to continue to spread a positive message and move people with their music along their own path of self-awareness.

Additional Info:
DiViNCi is always spelled this way. With all letters capitalized except for the i's which are lowercase.


DiViNCi appears on the following releases on Equinox Records:

  2005 DiViNCi “Peacez 2 Be & Instru-Frag- Mentalism” CD (Nonsense Records)
2005 DiViNCi “PUSH Beat” 10” (Equinox Records)
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