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  Welcome to the Neo Golden Age  
  A Sound Exposure Vol. 1 | Double LP  

A |
(01) Arcsin „ Positron Affirmation“ (Intro) mp3
(02) Arcsin „PWM Depth“ mp3
(03) Danny Decock “G.k.S.”
(04) Danny Decock “Obscure”

B |
(05) Emynd “Positive Reinforcement” mp3
(06) Echelon “Twilight Zone” mp3
(07) Mnemotrauma “Waiting for the Sun” mp3

C |
(08) DJ Scientist “Raincoatman” mp3
(09) Aqua Luminus III “OP Wüste”
(10) Arcsin “Poplock Axefists”

D |
(11) DJ Scientist “Riding My Nightmare” mp3
(12) Mnemotrauma “Alpha Centauri”
(13) Danny Decock “We Will Come Back”
(14) Arcsin “A Moment of Clarity” (Outro)

  Six different artists, different places, different visions of music – one aim. Equinox Records presents its Sound Exposure Vol.1. A variety of electronic and organic fusions that have been put together to form the sound of Equinox. Neither defined by borders of genres, nor by distance. Vienna, Munich, New York, Philadelphia all merge as the Neo Golden Age emerges:

ArcSin introduces you with his track “Positron Affirmation“. Deep synthesizer frequencies and hypnotic vocals, accompanied by atmospheric Hip-Hop Drums – this is the type of sound that Brandon Sand out of Brooklyn, N.Y. is known for. Besides his work for Equinox Records, he was also featured with two beats on the „Definitive Jux Presents 3“ compilation and has recently released his full length instrumental album “Resonant Murk Tactics“ on the new Def Jux sublabel DRX. On the compilation, he represents the Equinox family with two more of his instrumental productions as well as an Outro that prove him to be a truly gifted and talented musician.

Arc is followed up by Danny Decock, a producer, drummer and instrumentalist currently living in Vienna / Austria. While his two tracks “G.k.S.“ and the short “Obscure“ follow a more electronic and producer oriented kind of vibe, he adds a little live band feeling by the help of his friends on “We Will Come Back“: A mellow downbeat composition with his former band partners on keyboard and guitar.

The B-Side of the double vinyl then leads us to Emynd, another talented and aspiring producer hailing from Philadelphia. Having collected credits for a couple of remarkable underground releases, for example on the famed Anticon Label, he has worked together with artists such as Sole, Passage, Sage Francis and Dose One. Emynd is rather known for straight and mostly slow Hip-Hop Beats. Now he is leading towards a new direction with his up-tempo track "Positive Reinforce-ment". He shows his love for analogue and melancholic samples but this time combines them with 80s sounding electronic beats to a new and very energetic composition.

After this, Echelon speeds up the tempo even more, just to break it down at halftime and leave you at 80 beats per minute in the middle of “Twilight Zone“. Echelon however appears to be DJ Scientist from Munich, who is the man behind this compilation. The track differs from anything else you might yet have heard of him. But dreamy vocals and flutes remind you that it is still Scientist who provides the distinctive melancholic samples that make up his sound. “Raincoatman“ and the more malicious, guitar heavy “Riding My Nightmare“ are more typical DJ Scientist productions that continue in the vein of his split 7" release earlier in the Equinox Golden Age Series.

Next on the map is Mnemotrauma from Mainz / Germany with two tracks on the compilation. A hypnotically moaning voice accompanied by a hauling downtempo drumbeat forces its way into the listeners ears on “Waiting for the Sun“. On the second track he doesn't even need a melody for this purpose. “Alpha Centauri“ is an insistent experience of his capability to combine a minimalistic range of sound to a nevertheless haunting composition with striking drums. Mnemotrauma may already be known for a couple of releases on the avant-garde Subversiv Records. He just recently teamed up with L.A.'s Shape Shifters – a beautiful 7" release on which Awol One, Circus and Life Rexall dropped their lyrics to his beats.

Lastly there is Aqua Luminus III., also a Munich resident, concluding the Equinox artist roster on this compilation. The member of the mysterious Hip-Hop group 88:Komaflash submits with his pace driven and hectical “OP Wüste“. Being influenced by Britcore groups like HiJack or Gunshot his song expresses the same energy of these times – energy that now needs to burst out when Aqua Luminus pushes buttons on his MPC or freaks synthesyzers on his computer.

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