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  Various Artists "The Day It All Made Sense"  
  eqx-004-5-6-7dgtl | Format: Digital  
  Release Date: May 25th, 2007  
  Distribution: finetunes.de  

(01) Arcsin "The Tomorrow People" mp3
(02) Deckard "Noir Desire (Part 1)" mp3
(03) DiViNCi "PUSH Beat" mp3
(04) Deckard "Die Zone" mp3
(05) DJ Scientist "Autumn Leaves" mp3
(06) Deckard "Cyphers In Motion" mp3
(07) Arcsin "Uprock Citizen Brigade" mp3
(08) DJ Scientist "Atarius" mp3
(09) Arcsin "Jar Of Mice" mp3
(10) DiViNCi "Calm Persuasion (Instrumental)" mp3


The Equinox 10inch Series was released between winter 2005 and summer 2006. Each of the four parts of the vinyl series was limited to 500 handnumbered copies, including a lovely and exceptional cover artwork and inlay. Now, for the first time, ten tracks of the series are pieced together to form a compilation, on which each artist presents his unique vision of sound:
DiViNCi (the MPC virtuoso of the Sol.illaquists Of Sound) is featured with the incredible “PUSH Beat” and the concluding “Calm Persuasion”, Deckard from Munich presents 3 beautifully arranged downbeat compositions of his “Noir Desire EP”. Then, comprised of frozen synths and hard hitting drums, Arcsin from New York is offering 3 tracks of his “Uprock Citizen EP”, and last but not least DJ Scientist, the owner of Equinox Records himself, completes the album with two of his impressing sound and beat collages: “Atarius” and the melancholic “Autumn Leaves”.
This compilation will only be available digitally – for a limited time of 1 year (ending May 2008) – so go and check it out at ITunes, Beatport, Finetunes, and many other digital stores!

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