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  Equinox 10inch Series | 10inch #4 of 4  
  DJ Scientist "Journey Goodbye" | 10"  

A |
(01) DJ Scientist „Atarius“ mp3
(02) DJ Scientist „Autumn Leaves“ mp3

B |
(03) DJ Scientist „Journey Goodbye” mp3
(04) DJ Scientist „Atarius Remix" mp3


Being the founder of Equinox Records and being responsible for the business side of the label as well, DJ Scientist – now living in Berlin – still finds time to dj at clubs, to release mix cds, to expand his record collection, and, last but not least, to produce music. His “Journey Goodbye EP” concludes the 10inch series, but also can be seen as an outlook on his album, that shall hit the stores in late 2006. As Instrumental Hip-Hop, which DJ Scientist still refers to, in the last years almost has become a synonym for boring music, he proves that sample based production and the need for a crashing drum beat can still sound fresh today. With tracks like “Atarius” and “Autumn Leaves” he continous to develop his own style and raises the bar for a next generation of abstract hiphop beat producers.

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