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  Welcome to the Neo Golden Age Series  
  DJ SEPT "The Neo Golden Age Remixes " | 10"  

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(01) DJ Scientist „Raincoatman (Remix)“ mp3

(02) Echelon "Twilight Zone (Remix)" mp3


Equinox Records would like to welcome you once again to "The Neo Golden Age". This 10” release features DJ Sept, contributing two remixes of the well acclaimed first part of the "Sound Exposure" compilation series.

First up is his remix of DJ Scientist's "Raincoatman" which has probably been the most successful tune on the album, and has been re-released on two other compilations by different labels. With complementary piano arrangements, a new bassline and drumbeat, DJ Sept re-interprets the song, but keeps it as rich and soulful as the original version.

On the flipside, the remix of Echelon's "Twilight Zone" leads into a new direction for Equinox. The deep and raving drum & bass tune heads straight to the dance floors. This track definitely hits the spot and makes this 10" another beautiful and essential Equinox release.

Additional information:
“Welcome to the Neo Golden Age – A Sound Exposure Vol.1” now has been re-released digitally. You can buy the complete album online at finetunes.de and soon on almost every over download shop in the world, including Itunes of course. The digital versions of DJ Sept’s Remixes are available here.

By the way: a second volume of the “Sound Exposure” series is currently in the works and will drop in spring 2007 featuring artists like 2econd Class Citizen, Deckard, DJ Scientist, Arcsin, Emynd, and many others.

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