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  Various Artists "One Year & A Day EP"  
  eqx-012 | Format:12" | Picture Dic  
  Release Date: October 26, 2007  
  Distribution: kudosrecords.co.uk  
  Digital Distribution: finetunes.de  

A |
(01) J.Baracuz "Introducing This" mp3
(02) Deckard "Dignity Of Men" mp3
(03) Free The Robots "Times Like This" mp3
(04) Brenmar "Watermelon Chunks" mp3
(05) SNTC. "Mind Hunt" mp3
(06) Emynd "Another Postmodern Sunset" mp3


The "One Year & A Day" EP is a teaser from the forthcoming full-length compilation of the same name on Equinox Records due out in January 2008. This collection of 6 raw, beat-driven compositions will introduce the listener to the album's aesthetic focus, giving them a fresh first-impression of what it will sound like. Moreover, the beautifully designed picture disc will not only satisfy the growing number of Equinox collectors, but it will also be a vital club tool for DJs while also sounding quite at home in your iPod headphones and on your personal turntable.

Starting off the release is Free The Robots from Santa Ana, who is one of the most in-demand dj- and production acts in Los Angeles right now. His energetic song “Times Like This” is an instant classic that was previously released only on CD. Once the first chord hits your speakers, it will draw you in, leave you begging for more. Next up is Deckard hailing from Munich, Germany who is already well known by Equinox-Fans from his "Noir Desire" EP. His song “Dignity Of Men” is another shining masterpiece among his deeply grooving sound collages. One more name recognizable from previous EQX releases is Emynd, the nomadic DJ/Producer from Philly. Those familiar with Emynd's work who think they know what to expect from him on this release are of course proven wrong once again. His soulful “Another Postmodern Sunset” is a warm and animated instrumental Hip-Hop track that once again proves his rich stylistic versatility as a producer. Brenmar from Chicago is another artist to keep an eye on. Whether he is performing live on stage or working in his studio, he is always pushing the envelope and exploring how beautiful the combination of big drums, found instruments and noise can be. His contribution "Watermelon Chunks" is no exception. While Brenmar has become an essential part of his hometown’s music/recording-scene, SNTC. and J. Baracuz are still relatively unknown, but rest assured, these are two names that you will remember for years to come. Listening to both of their tracks it is obvious that the future will be theirs.
But, until then, let us enjoy the present, and spend some time with some fine, forward-thinking music... for one year and a day.

Note: 4 of the 6 tracks on this EP are exclusive to this picture disc and will not be on the album!

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