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  2econd Class Citizen "Step Inside Remixes"  
  eqx-017dgtl-2 | Format: Digital  
  Release Date: May 29th, 2009  
  Download Snippet Bundle: zip  

(01) Step Inside (PMC RMX Re-Edit) mp3
(02) Step Inside (Earthkeptwarm Remix) mp3
(03) Step Inside (Bias Remix) mp3
(04) Step Inside (Playpad Circus Remix) mp3
(05) Step Inside (Zoën Remix) mp3


Following the shortly released "One By One EP", Equinox Records now offers 5 amazing new remixes of "Step Inside", the first track of 2econd Class Citizen’s forthcoming album "Madrugada". Whereas the album will be in the vein of folk inspired instrumental hip hop and film score music, this digital only EP offers more electronic and "clubbier" versions, pleasing the DJ’s as well as the home listeners.

Beginning this epic journey, we have upcoming producer genius Christian Fischer aka Playpad Circus from Berlin with his unique interpretation of the song. Based around the vocal announcement of a maniac circus director: "Step Inside, take a ride on a fantazmorgial carnival ride" – Chris plays around with this idea, twisting and distorting your mind with his complex bass and synth driven sounds taking you on a one of a kind sound trip unlike anything you may have heard for a while! Next up, another new talent, Earthkeptwarm from London offers a very unique dub step version with a monstrous bass-line that compliments the melancholic piano and guitars nicely. Then, Bias (of Canteen Records and known for his works with Lewis Parker) sets the pace with his trademark style, combining hip hop beats with intricately arranged sounds to create a stunning laidback summer anthem. Finally, French beat maker Zoën offers another down-tempo version, that starts with a thrilling slow beat and transforms into a hypnotic drum and bass tune.



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