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  Kraddy "Android Porn Remixes"  
  eqx-020 / eqx-020dgtl | Format: 12" / Digital
  Release Date: February 19th, 2009  
  Youtube Video for Android Porn Mochipet Remix: available soon  
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Tracklist Digital:

(01) Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix) mp3
(02) Android Porn (Fulgeance Remix) mp3
(03) Android Porn (Playpad Circus Remix) mp3
(04) Android Porn (Si Begg Remix) mp3
(05) Android Porn (Geste Remix) mp3

Tracklist Vinyl 12":

(01) Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix) mp3
(02) Android Porn (Fulgeance Remix) mp3

(03) Android Porn (Original Version) mp3
(04) Android Porn (Playpad Circus Remix) mp3

Also coming soon as a vinyl 10" / digital release:
Android Porn (Si Begg vs. K-The-I??? Remix)


Without a doubt, “Android Porn” by Kraddy (founding member of The Glitch Mob) is an exceptional track and one of the true anthems for a kind of new music called “Glitch Hop”. Upon its release, the original version grabbed the attention of producers and fans alike and immediately climbed both sales and dj charts. It is now time to bring in some new flavour to this amazing tune on a 5 track remix EP on Equinox Records.

First off, Daly City’s beatmaking genius Mochipet drops his monstrous “godzillaporn” version. A pushing, glitched out masterpiece with distorted synths that definitely needs to get bumped as loud as the original.

Then, there is Fulgeance (of Musique Large fame) providing a brand new, even more danceable feeling to the track. The striking bass, chopped synths and wonky beats will give you the ultimate thrill.

Next up, aspiring producer Playpad Circus’ version is probably the most suspenseful one. The arrangement builts up bit by bit, constantly evolving, keeping you begging for more until, finally, the synths, additional guitars and drums come in, punching right in your face.

Still need more? Si Begg from London, lately been working on projects for different labels such as Mutate, Noodles or Big Dada, drops the most brutal, heavy and agressive remix on this EP. Absolutely no compromise – just pure glitched madness! Again, play this one as LOUD as possible!

Last, but definitely not least, Geste from Paris presents even more bass and synth weirdness in his unique and distinctive style he already offered us on his Jaw Breaker 12”.

The EP is a strong collection of tracks that compliment each other. Each remix stands on their own as well and will blow minds on dancefloors across the globe. So, what more can you ask for? - Definitely one of the first must-have-releases in 2010!

PLEASE NOTE: Vinyl version additionally includes the original version of Android Porn, but not all remixes. Furthermore, the Si Begg remix will soon be featured on another release (vinyl & digital) along with an awesome rap version featuring K-The-I??? (of Mush, Big Dada).

Selected Feedback:

“I‘ve been hammering the original of ‚Android Porn‘ for months, been one of the highlights of my sets. Love what you‘ve done with the reworking, going straight to the top of the pile!
Alex Mr Sushi / 44 promotions

“Android Porn is massive, will definitely play this out when i can.”
Kid 606

„ill.ill.and ill again ;) I will definitely be playing the Android Porn remix :)“
Dov / Muti music

„That Kraddy remix is outstanding stuff. 10/10 gold star awesomeness, not leaving my cd case for a long time. Cheers!“
Wascal (Bristol)

„Kraddy Rmx is HUGE! Big tings!!“
Nick Thayer

“Thanks, Android Porn remix is sick...brutal indeed!”
Oli (Far Too Loud)

“Been spinning it all week – love it! Thinks its in my top 5 on the bbc website (asian Net) as well.”
Bobby Friction (BBC Asian Network)

„Holy crap, this made me wanna buy better speakers!“

„He‘s done crunked over the top on this piece of sickness.“

„I‘ve never heard a song that can even compare to this. Phenomenal, at least.“
M.N. Twins

About Kraddy:
After deciding to part ways with the Glitch Mob, Kraddy continues to trail-blaze as a composer and a DJ in the US and abroad. A dancefloor messiah to both booty shakers and trainspotters, Kraddy is known worldwide for his distinctive style. His sets are a futuristic fusion of dubstep, hip hop, and dancehall - all laced with Kraddy's signature style of edits and remixes that make his sound so unique. Like the skaters and surfers from his home in Venice Beach, Kraddy will unapologetically blow your mind with his skill, style and his no prisoners attitude.



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