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  Kraddy "Android Porn – The Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fixes"  
  eqx-021 / eqx-021dgtl | Format: 10" / Digital
  Release Date Vinyl: June 4th, 2010  
  Release Date Digital: June 11th, 2010  
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Tracklist Digital:

(01) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) mp3
(02) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Alternate Mix) mp3
(03) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Instrumental)
(04) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Alternate Instrumental)
(05) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Dub Mix)
(06) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Alternate Dub Mix)
(07) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Acapella)

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Tracklist Vinyl 10":

(01) Android Porn (Si Begg Vs K-The-I??? Re-Fix) mp3

(02) Android Porn (Si Begg Remix)


“Can I continue?” asks US-rapper K-The-I??? over the hard hitting “Android Porn” vocal remix by legendary UK producer Si Begg, that is now released on Equinox Records from Berlin.

After a successful 12” single with remixes by Mochipet, Fulgeance, Playpad Circus and Geste, and a well received animation video produced by MuscleBeaver, this is the last release connected to Kraddy’s Glitch Hop anthem “Android Porn”. And isn’t it true, that a rap version of this classic tune is what everybody has been waiting for?

So, the answer to K-The-I??? definitely is “Yes, you can!”. With his incredible flow and his abstract style that moves from fast to slow, K-The-I??? and Si Begg have created a dope, yet unconventional and futuristic hip hop track, that should be found in many DJ’s playlists soon.

While the 10” features the main rap version and the original Si Begg instrumental remix of “Android Porn” on the flip side, the digital release additionally contains an alternate mix of the vocal track where Begg added even more bass giving it a more dubby and electronic feel. Furthermore, instrumentals, dub versions and acapella are included and will definitely please the DJ’s.

Selected Feedback:

“Android Porn is massive, will definitely play this out when i can.”
Kid 606

„ill.ill.and ill again ;) I will definitely be playing the Android Porn remix :)“
Dov / Muti music

About Si Begg:
Si Begg is the stage name of Simon Begg, British DJ and record producer. Begg has been a solo artist recording since 1993, also engineering live sound and studio engineering. He also runs two record labels, Mosquito which he co-runs with techno artist Christian Vogel, and Noodles which he runs by himself.

About K-The-I???:
Originally from Cambridge, current resident of Los Angeles, Cali., all the while a musical nomad of sorts, K-The-I??? has traversed the USA and Europe pushing sonic boundaries with his unique brand of densed-out boom-bap. Armed with a commanding voice and a gritty production aesthetic that recalls Bomb Squad-era Public Enemy and signature Def Jux recordings, he crafts tracks that swell and pulse with an immersive gravity. Since making an early appearance on Bigg Jus and Orko Eloheem's NMS album, Imperial Letters of Protection, K-The-I??? has earned the respect of many of indie hip-hop's elite, including Thavius Beck, who produced his latest full-length. Whether writing epic love letters or harnessing bugged-out electric currents, K-The-I???’s music has a personality and urgency that demands your attention.

About Kraddy:
After deciding to part ways with the Glitch Mob, Kraddy continues to trail-blaze as a composer and a DJ in the US and abroad. A dancefloor messiah to both booty shakers and trainspotters, Kraddy is known worldwide for his distinctive style. His sets are a futuristic fusion of dubstep, hip hop, and dancehall - all laced with Kraddy's signature style of edits and remixes that make his sound so unique. Like the skaters and surfers from his home in Venice Beach, Kraddy will unapologetically blow your mind with his skill, style and his no prisoners attitude.



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