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  Andreikelos "(Call For) The Last Stand"  
  eqx-022 / eqx-022dgtl | Format: 7" / Digital
  Release Date Vinyl: June 18th, 2010  
  Release Date Digital: June 25th, 2010  
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Tracklist Digital:

(01) (Call For) The Last Stand mp3
(02) (Call For) The Last Stand (Earthkeptwarm Remix) mp3
(03) A Good Start

Tracklist Vinyl 7":

(01) (Call For) The Last Stand

(02) (Call For) The Last Stand (Earthkeptwarm Remix)


On this new limited 7inch vinyl and digital release Equinox Records introduces Andreikelos from Greece to the label’s artist roster. Mediterranean sound meets electro as the traditional Greek organ bouzouki smoothly flows over an abstract hip-hop beat alongside violins and synths, all blended with an MPC 2500 accompanied by two Technics 1200s.

“Not all of my beats have a mediterranean character but since this is to be my first official international release I wanted it to sound like home”. (Andreikelos)

The philosophy of “(Call For) The Last Stand” is all about unity even when there is no hope spotted nearby. Though fighting for your rights and beliefs until the last breath can lead to what the ancient Spartans called “The ultimate glory”, you never know how the final battle will end and who will be the last man standing.

Leaving these Greek affairs behind, Earthkeptwarm (who already provided us his great remix of 2econd Class Citizen’s “Step Inside”) adds some UK flavour to the tune. The wobbling bass of his striking dubstep remix is giving the track a completely new feel and makes this release a useful tool for djs as well.

Bonus Tracks (digital only):
The hard beat at the beginning, alongside with the distorted guitars, piano synths and turntables are only “A Good Start” to what comes on the finale which exceeds 200 bpm. With drums flowing everywhere, “crying” guitars and an all-controlling bouzouki, this is to be an adrenaline boost to start a day, or could it be a great ending too?

About Andreikelos:

Dimitrios Kountouris a.k.a. Andreikelos was born in Athens, Greece in 1981 and graduated from College as a sound engineer in 2001. Since 1997, Andreikelos has been the producer and co-founder of the alternative hip-hop group Apokalypsis with which he has released four full length albums. In 2007 he finished his first album called “The Tides of Time”, featuring some of the most talented Greek MCs. Then, a year later, he released his first instrumental vinyl e.p. called “The Creation / Planets” which is a two track instrumental hip-hop/electronic release. This marked a new beginning for his all-time passion for instrumental and abstract forms of beat-making, which brings us to todays “(Call For) The Last Stand”, the first release on the German label Equinox Records.



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