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  Various Artists "Equinox Presents - The 25th"  
  eqx-025 | Format: 7” + Cassette (+USB, first 50 copies)
  Release Date: October 22nd, 2010  
  Free Download the Megamixes right here: Buddy Peace Vs. Phonatic - The Equinox Megamixes  

The box set release consists of the following parts:

PART I – THE EQUINOX MEGAMIXES (Audio Cassette, eqx-025ac)

Buddy Peace Vs. Phonatic – The Equinox Megamixes
featuring music by Ceschi, 2econd Class Citizen, DJ Scientist, Arcsin, Deckard, Geste, Kraddy, Vangel, Emynd, Free The Robots, K-The-I??? & many others.

(01) Phonatic – Equinox Megamix I

(02) Buddy Peace – Equinox Megamix II

PART II – THE UNRELEASED REMIXES (7inch/Digital, eqx-025/eqx-025dgtl)

Various Artists – The Unreleased Remixes

(01) Deadpan Darling – Laugh Track (Deckard Remix)

(02) 2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well (Raincoatman Vs. Vangel Remix)

Digital Release with Download Code:
(01) Deadpan Darling – Laugh Track (Deckard Remix)
(02) 2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well (The Raincoatman Vs. Vangel Remix)
(03) The Peddlers – A Year And A Day (Metamorphosis) (Twistedlogic & Pesticyde Remix)
(04) 2econd Class Citizen – A New Day (Phonatic Remix)
(05) Asup – Untitled (Lodsb Remix)
(06) Deadpan Darling – Laugh Track (Deckard Remix) (Instrumental)

PART III – THE EQUINOX 2007 TOUR VIDEO (USB Stick, eqx-025usb)

One Year & A Day – The Equinox 2007 Tour Video
featuring Ceschi, Noah23, The Dedicated Beatheads (DJ Scientist & DJ Snatchatec)
& 2econd Class Citizen


Equinox Records celebrates its 25th release with a deluxe limited edition box set. Containing a 7inch as well as a custom USB Stick (only with the first 50 copies!!), the main part of the beautiful collector’s box is a 50-minute audio cassette (yes, a real tape!) featuring two incredible Equinox megamixes by Buddy Peace and Phonatic.

Not only that the two deejays had access to the original tracks from the past 24 releases on Equinox Records (plus tracks from the Equinox.Digital and Audiac catalogue), label founder Günter Stöppel a.k.a. DJ Scientist dug through the archives and supplied them with additional and seperated layers, instrumental versions and acapellas. This gave them the opportunity to really blend and mash up the tunes, resulting in a never heard before sound experience.

Phonatic from Würzburg / Germany, whose mix can be found on side A of the tape, has been part of the Equinox fam for a long time. Having released well-received mix-cds on the sublabel Audiac as well as providing the last two album preview mixes for Ceschi and 2econd Class Citizen, he has now out-done himself with his 25 minute megamix. Including possibly more than 50 tracks and countless extra layers blended on top, it became a true masterpiece and example of how to use an ableton live / mpd set up in full effect.

To follow on side B of the tape, we find Buddy Peace. Buddy is far from being a no name DJ and has earned a huge fan base of mixtape and underground hip-hop followers over the years. Besides doing dj gigs around the world, having played some of Europe’s biggest festivals and being the support DJ for Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion), he has done several mixes for well-known labels such as Warp, Lex, Bully and Sage Francis’ Strange Famous Records (which he is currently signed to). With his version of the Equinox megamix he definitely took it to the next level: Buddy transformed and mashed the tracks to a completely new and original sounding 25-minute mixture. Using remarkable bits of the songs, chopping them up and adding new drums while maintaining a minimalistic and intelligent touch, this megamix became very special and brilliant.

Next up, the A side of the vinyl 7inch contains an unreleased remix by Deadpan Darling’s "Laugh Track" by Munich based artist Deckard. With this track, Deckard proves once more that he is one of the best downbeat producers in Europe, giving the track an even darker feel, surrounded by dense sounds and striking drums. On the flipside, 2econd Class Citizen’s classic “Wishing Well” gets reworked by The Raincoatman and Vangel from Canada. Although this tune has been remixed previously, this new version gives it a new groovy feel with its additional bass and wah wah guitars. Furthermore, on the digital version of the remixes release, we find a new version of the earky 70s recording “A Year And A Day” by the legendary UK group The Peddlers (with Roy Phillips) by Twistedlogic & Pesticyde and also a new version of “A New Day”, another classic tune by 2econd Class Citizen this time remixed by DJ Phonatic, showcasing his producer skills as well. Concluding the remixes, electronic producer lodsb (of Karhu) re-works (or better “re-destroys”) Asup’s “Untitled”, that can originally be found on a 7inch picture disc recording on Audiac, into a devasting, uncompromising and thrilling new track.

And finally, the first 50 of the 250 copies of the sets include a USB stick that contains the long time lost and now recouped 2007 tour video with unseen live footage by Ceschi, Noah23, The Dedicated Beatheads, 2econd Class Citizen and more. However, if you miss the limited package with the stick, all copies include a download link for the video as well as the digital version of the remix release and more bonus material, making “Equinox presents – The 25th” a worthy package for all music lovers and collectors.



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