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  Son Of Kick "Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier)"  
  eqx-026 / eqx-026dgtl | Format: 12" / Digital
  Release Date: November 5th, 2010  
  Video of Guacha: Youtube (available on release date)  
  Video of Revolution B: Youtube  
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Tracklist Digital:

(01) Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) mp3
(02) Guacha Rekix (feat. Natalia Clavier, Grems, Disiz & Micro Coz) mp3
(03) Guacha Rekix (Dub) mp3
(04) Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) (Radio Edit)
(05) Guacha Rekix (Acapella)

Tracklist Vinyl:

(01) Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) mp3

(02) Revolution B
(03) Guacha Rekix (feat. Natalia Clavier, Grems, Disiz & Micro Coz) mp3


Guacha” is the follow up single to the Son Of Kick release “Revolution ABC” EP.

This monstrous slab of bass driven, hip hop fuelled beatmastery lined with THE most catchy lyrical chant from New York’s Natalia Clavier. It’s club banger; it’s commercial radio hit; it’s underground. Once again Son Of Kick nailed it by crossing boundaries and ticking boxes other producers can’t.

Alongside the original, Son Of Kick looked to the talents of Disiz, Grems and Micro Coz for added power for the “Guacha Rekix” version. Additionally, “Revolution B”, an equally massive tune from his aforementioned EP, was added to the vinyl 12” to complete the package while the digital version of the single (which is included as a free download for vinyl buyers) offers a dub version and also acapella.

About Son Of Kick:
Based in London, DJ and multi instrumentalist Son Of Kick is gaining a reputation from Berlin to Brooklyn for his bumping, super charged set, which is a bass-feast of heavy electro and dubstep. SOK has played on festivals and in clubs such as Gilles Peterson Worldwide Festival, the O2 Wireless or at Yoyo at Notting Hill Arts Club, to name a few. He has been co-producing alongside the French DJ/producer Simbad a new album for their collective project with Grems & Disiz La Peste (Rouge A Levre) as well as ongoing tracks with MikaMiki & Foreign Beggars.

Son Of Kick’s sound has already been picked-up by various labels including recording tracks for the Stanton Warrior’s imprint, Beats Records and pioneering London imprint Botchit & Scarper. Recent remix credits include work for artists such as Tokyo Police Club or Husky Rescue and for labels such as Man Recordings (Germany), ESL Music (Washington DC), Civil Music (UK), and Om Records (San Francisco).



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