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  Deckard "For A Better Tomorrow"  
  eqx-033 / eqx-033dgtl | Format: 2LP / Digital
  Release Date: December 16th, 2011 (Digital Pre-Sale) / January 9th (Vinyl)  
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(01) Intro
(02) Head Off
(03) Noir Desire (Part 2)
(04) Günesim
(05) Andromeda
(06) Interlude I
(07) The Dawn
(08) Leaving
(09) For A Better Tomorrow
(10) Where Are We?
(11) Interlude II
(12) Land Of Souls


Deckard took his time – after 3 successful EPs, numerous sampler contributions and remixes, the well respected producer from Munich releases his long awaited first full length album “For A Better Tomorrow”.

At a running time of 53 minutes, 12 songs are seamlessly and tightly packed resulting in a compact album that keeps a continuous arc of suspense. Furthermore, Deckard is able to give his album a timeless touch. “For A Better Tomorrow” sounds contemporary and mature – like a gloomy yet prudent version of the future. While, at the same time, the partly sample-based titles and spoken word bits are traces into the past. With the album Deckard aka Attila Makai proves once again that he is an exceptionally talented musician, who is able to stand in the top ranks of producers on an international level.

For A Better Tomorrow” should be experienced as a whole but there are a few songs that need to be mentioned solely:
Noir Desire (Part 2)“ is the only track of the album which was released previously on one of Deckard’s EPs (Future World, 2009). Like no other song on the album it defines his trademark sound: deep, grumbling bass lines, long-drawn-out pads, combined with monotonous, trippy drums.
"Günesim“ – the only non-instrumental track on the album – features the beautiful female voice of the Turkish singer Deniz Cagli. It is a cover version of a song that became popular in the mainstream as being featured in the German movie “Im Juli” (In July) by Fatih Akin where it is performed by the famous German-Turkish actor Idil Üner. Deckard’s version translates the folky track into the present with a dubsteppish tempo. The instrumental sneaks along in deep manner and works as a perfect background for the vocals.
Next, “Andromeda”, which will released as a limited vinyl 12“ with remixes by Bit-Tuner and the Russian producer team Demokracy in late November, is special in its own way. It’s a Sci-Fi Reggae Dub Downbeat track, that has no equals. It will be a delightful track for beat fanatics as well as Dub connoisseurs worldwide.
On further tracks like "The DawnMakai proves his versatility and demonstrates that his music is not only compatible for home listening but additionally should work for DJ use as well. “Leaving”, one of the older tracks on the release, moves forward with a driving beat and bridges to the last third of the album that turns out to be a bit more experimental.

Deckard’s “For A Better Tomorrow“ is an astonishing debut where Makai delves into every song with abandonment and sensitivity which helps him to master his technique like few others. The fate of this album remaining as a timeless classic should be up to the listeners. But it will definitely be an album, that they will return to in order to lose oneself in his soundscapes again - whether it’s after the first hearing, after a couple of days or even after a year.

For A Better Tomorrow“ is dedicated to Makai’s pregnant defacto partner – let’s hope for a successful “debut” here as well. The album will be released late december / early January on the German Electronica label Equinox Records on double vinyl and digitally.

German Info as pdf.

About Deckard:

Deckard – An Extensive Odyssey

If you were looking for exceptional producers in the Munich area in the late 90s / early 2000s you may have heard of Deckard – the artist pseudonym of Attila Makai, which is inspired by Rick Deckard out of the movie “Blade Runner”. In the “early days” of the internet there also existed his own platform under the name “Foundation Crew”, a melting pot for a diverse bunch of like minded producers and sound enthusiasts. However, Deckard is one of the few of them that continued their artist careers successfully.

It must have been around 2003 when the first demo CDs by Deckard were spreading locally. Even his early works may have been good enough to have been released officially on a label. However, Makai let his music ripe step by step. First extracts from his large assortment of tracks found the way to his first vinyl release, a limited stamped white label 12” entitled “Das Abstrakt EP”. This release opened doors for Deckard: not only DeBug Magazine praised the release and gave it the highest rating, it even stated that it is “one of the very rare EPs that can rival early releases by (DJ) Vadim”. Although this statement may not really be fitting regarding the musical style, it still emphasizes the fact that Deckard can easily be named in line with any top producer out of the left field electronica genre.

The „Das Abstrakt EP“ also lead to the fact that Equinox founder Günter Stöppel released the „Noir Desire“ EP the following year, as part of the Equinox 10inch Series. It was the successful beginning of his collaboration with the German label, that is now residing in Berlin. Furthermore, two additional tracks were released in 2005 on the Swiss label Ish Records and their Instrumental Hip-Hop / Electronica / Beat compilation “The Now Factor”.

Afterwards, it temporarily got more quiet around Deckard – his newly started studies as a sound engineer gave him less time to work on music. However, during that period he was able to redefine his style - in more ways than one. Between 2006 and 2008 a couple of new tracks and remixes were released that left marks. For example, he released the breakbeat tune “Dignity Of Men” on the “One Year & A Day” series that later even made it to a DJ Food mix. Furthermore, on this 12” single and the album, he shared space with producers like Free The Robots, 2econd Class Citizen, Brenmar or Deadpan Darling. For the last-mentioned artist project, that exists of Blue Sky Black Death and singer Ceschi, he was additionally invited to remix the song “Laughtrack”. On this track, as well as for rappers like Audio88 or Bushwac, he proved his ability to work with vocals and also to remix songs.

On his “come back” release in 2009, the “Future World” EP, we could finally hear the Deckard, that we can now experience on his LP debut: complex sound layers and spheres, shifting between the rhythms of hauling impulsive machinery and spacy melodies… Yes, this EP was a fascinating outlook on “For A Better Tomorrow”. An album that has become a strong and interweaved work that will keep listeners excited from beginning to end. A thrilling and drifting sound experience from start to finish.

The pathway to “For A Better Tomorrow” may have been an extensive odyssey for Deckard himself - but it has definitely been worth waiting for.





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