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  2econd Class Citizen "The Small Minority"  
  eqx-038 / eqx-038dgtl | Format: 2LP / CD / Digital
  Release Date: May 18th, 2012 (Digital) | May 25th, 2012 (Vinyl / CD)  
  Info for Single EP Release: 2econd Class Citizen - Outside Your Doorway EP (eqx-037)  
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(01) And Now, Nothing
(02) On My Mind
(03) Outside Your Doorway
(04) Stop To Wonder
(05) Change (What We’re Creating)
(06) Inside The Cocoon
(07) Memory Page
(08) Liberated Lady
(09) No Destination
(10) Sail Eternal
(11) Metamorphosis
(12) Fragments of a Dream
(13) Stay With Me
(14) Beyond The Sun


It has been a long time coming as they say and now the second full length album from UK producer 2econd Class Citizen is ready for release. Having spent the past year collaborating with and remixing DJ Food, touring Europe with US artist cars&trains and remixing artists such as Loka and Dday One, 2econd Class Citizen also managed to fit in some studio time and is back with his signature sound on "The Small Minority", his follow-up to 2009's lauded "A World Without".

Poised to disarm and conquer, “The Small Minority” is 50 minutes of pure aural delight: meticulously constructed drums, sublime mineral sonorities and cinematic moods immerse the listener in a huge pallet of sounds, rhythms and samples that create contrasted atmospheres, both cold and luminous. While standout tracks like the gripping “Stop To Wonder”, the intense string laden, slow builder “Change (What We’re Creating)” and the downtempo harmonies of “Outside Your Doorway” will keep heads nodding and should be favourites among the fans, 2CC also adds some beautiful folk ambient sounds to his opus such as the hypnotising choral “Metamorphosis” and the warming textures of “Inside The Cocoon”. At the same time, 2econd Class Citizen manages to fit in the uptempo and funky “Liberated Lady” and a pushing psych rock tune “Stay With Me” that should satisfy the djs as well.

An alumnus of Ninja Tune’s iconic Solid Steel series, 2econd Class Citizen caught the ears of DJ Food’s Strictly Kev and last year the two worked together on the 9 track musical collage “Magpie Music” which was released as part of Food’s EP “Magpies, Maps & Moons” and also included in the following album “The Search Engine”.

"The Small Minority" is preceded by a single release, “Outside Your Doorway”, featuring vocalists and remixers such as L.A's underground pioneer Dday One, Strange Famous' Buddy Peace - the nicest DJ you never knew about - and James Reindeer that neatly showcases 2econd Class Citizen's broad appeal, his cross-genre mastery and ever-widening audience.

The album is slated for a May release on Berlin-based Equinox Records with the US release handled by the new indie hip-hop powerhouse Fake Four. To coincide with the release of the album, 2econd Class Citizen has a European tour planned for June 1st to June 16th alongside L.A MC Open Mike Eagle (of Fake Four / Project Blowed). A promo megamix will also be unveiled ahead of the release in late April, handled by none other than one of the best in this field: DJ Food’s Strictly Kev.

About 2econd Class Citizen

Since his self-released debut EP, Divided Reality, caught the attention of some well-respected industry ears, 2econd Class Citizen has been keeping listeners spellbound with his unique psych/folk/hip-hop fusion. Snapped up by Equinox Records, his seamless hybridising bore two further EPs – Wyred Folk, One By One – and 2009’s sublime inaugural album, A World Without. Now on the cusp of his second album release, Aaron Thomason - aka 2econd Class Citizen - is poised to further beguile you with his beat-laden, ethereal sounds.

Raised in England’s rural north, this now London-based DJ and producer has captivated audiences and peers alike with his gorgeously-captured, audible emotions, most notable of which are the ears of DJ Food’s Strictly Kev, with whom he worked last year on the collaborative 9-track musical collage Magpie Music, released on the Ninja Tune artist’s latest output, both EP Magpies, Maps and Moons and album The Search Engine. To celebrate this anticipated album, 2econd Class Citizen contributed a bespoke space themed DJ set for the launch party held at London’s Royal Observatory Planetarium; a unique experience created in conjunction with the beloved venue’s own astronomers (stay tuned for the set on the Solid Steel radio show.) On top of this, he’s found time to accommodate another two Ninja Tune releases in the shape of remixes of The Illectric Hoax (feat. Natural Self) and Loka’s The Sound Stars Make.

Inspired by the folk-drenched mysticism of the rural past and a fortunately-timed intake of DMC competitions on MTV, 2econd Class Citizen has graced the stages of some of the best-known festivals, including two consecutive years at Glastonbury in 2008 and 2009. And having so far completed three European tours with fellow artists such as Ceschi Ramos, Noah23 and Buddy Peace, not to mention enviable stage-sharing with the likes of Nosaj Thing, The Hidden Orchestra, Loka, Dosh, and even prog rock legends Gong and Steve Hillage, has delighted crowds across multiple European concert venues.

With the vocalists, remixers and musicians present on his much-anticipated upcoming album, as well as the advance single releases, he is winning an ever-widening audience with his cross-generic audio mastery. As consistent as his sound is innate, his goosebump-inducing compositions have garnered a loyal and evolving fanbase and high praise from a tough-to-win industry. But hunted library samples and shattering strings are only part of what makes this artist’s enchanting appeal; this aural embodiment filtered through Thomason’s old soul perception construct a bewitching almost-world of near-forgotten mystical past and disaffected present.

With his second album, The Small Minority, set to hold familiar ears as much as it will convert anew, 2econd Class Citizen’s meticulously-crafted sonic conjuring will ensure this remains the music you will lose your heart to.

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