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  Deckard "Echoes From The Past"  
  eqx-041 / eqx-041dgtl | Format: LP / Digital
  Release Date: Sept 8th, 2012 (Digital Pre-Sale) / Sept 17th (Vinyl)  
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(01) A Black Hole (Part 2)
(02) Defunked
(03) Haunted Beats
(04) Echoes From The Past
(05) Endzeit
(06) Gedankenjäger
(07) Fear
(08) Shadows
(09) Slow Body Movement
(10) Headz Theme (Vinyl Bonus)


Just a few months after the release of his successful debut double LP “For A Better Tomorrow” and his singles “Andromeda” and “Günesim”, Deckard is ready for the next strike. “Echoes From The Past” is an unreleased album that was produced during the years 2000 to 2005 and is finally ready to drop in September this year. After some dusting off, polishing and re-mastering, the 9 tracks sound as contemporary and fresh as back then. Deckard himself calls it “Instrumentals out of a time when beats where still beats” – classically arranged drums, assembled with futuristic sound elements – already making up the classic dark sound that Deckard is now known for.

The travel into time past starts with “A Black Hole (Part 2)”, a deep and hauling tune, that, as the name promises, might be able to absorb you entirely. The following track, “Defunked”, is a more club friendly but equally deep song that hasn’t lost any of its freshness over the years. Next up, „Haunted Beats“ and the title track „Echoes From The Past“ are more classical, “triphoppy” and dark, reminiscent of some of the early heroes of the genre such as Krush, Spooky or DJ Cam. Listening to the following tracks, it shows how far Deckard’s production and arranging skills were already advanced at that time: The grooving “Endzeit” paints images of gloomy machine halls in the year 2050, “Gedankenjäger”, German for “mind hunter”, is hypnotic but yet pushing, “Shadows” saws into your ear canals with distorted bass sounds, while “Slow Body Movement” offers a few more soulful and jazzy shades and concludes the album to full satisfaction.

Echoes From The Past“ includes 9 tracks, while a bonus track is offered for the vinyl buyers. The limited LP release additionally is sold as a bundle package that even contains a second unreleased album from Deckard’s vast archive entitled “Underground und Subkultur”.
Echoes From The Past“ is releases as part of a two-piece “Unheard & Recovered” series on Equinox Records. Part 2 of the series will be the unreleased solo full length by DJ Scientist, an equally deep and meticulously produced album with great unheard material from his archives.

German Info as pdf.

About Deckard:

Deckard – An Extensive Odyssey

If you were looking for exceptional producers in the Munich area in the late 90s / early 2000s you may have heard of Deckard – the artist pseudonym of Attila Makai, which is inspired by Rick Deckard out of the movie “Blade Runner”. In the “early days” of the internet there also existed his own platform under the name “Foundation Crew”, a melting pot for a diverse bunch of like minded producers and sound enthusiasts. However, Deckard is one of the few of them that continued their artist careers successfully.

It must have been around 2003 when the first demo CDs by Deckard were spreading locally. Even his early works may have been good enough to have been released officially on a label. However, Makai let his music ripe step by step. First extracts from his large assortment of tracks found the way to his first vinyl release, a limited stamped white label 12” entitled “Das Abstrakt EP”. This release opened doors for Deckard: not only DeBug Magazine praised the release and gave it the highest rating, it even stated that it is “one of the very rare EPs that can rival early releases by (DJ) Vadim”. Although this statement may not really be fitting regarding the musical style, it still emphasizes the fact that Deckard can easily be named in line with any top producer out of the left field electronica genre.

The „Das Abstrakt EP“ also lead to the fact that Equinox founder Günter Stöppel released the „Noir Desire“ EP the following year, as part of the Equinox 10inch Series. It was the successful beginning of his collaboration with the German label, that is now residing in Berlin. Furthermore, two additional tracks were released in 2005 on the Swiss label Ish Records and their Instrumental Hip-Hop / Electronica / Beat compilation “The Now Factor”.

Afterwards, it temporarily got more quiet around Deckard – his newly started studies as a sound engineer gave him less time to work on music. However, during that period he was able to redefine his style - in more ways than one. Between 2006 and 2008 a couple of new tracks and remixes were released that left marks. For example, he released the breakbeat tune “Dignity Of Men” on the “One Year & A Day” series that later even made it to a DJ Food mix. Furthermore, on this 12” single and the album, he shared space with producers like Free The Robots, 2econd Class Citizen, Brenmar or Deadpan Darling. For the last-mentioned artist project, that exists of Blue Sky Black Death and singer Ceschi, he was additionally invited to remix the song “Laughtrack”. On this track, as well as for rappers like Audio88 or Bushwac, he proved his ability to work with vocals and also to remix songs.

On his “come back” release in 2009, the “Future World” EP, we could finally hear the Deckard, that we can now experience on his LP debut: complex sound layers and spheres, shifting between the rhythms of hauling impulsive machinery and spacy melodies… Yes, this EP was a fascinating outlook on “For A Better Tomorrow”. An album that has become a strong and interweaved work that will keep listeners excited from beginning to end. A thrilling and drifting sound experience from start to finish.

The pathway to “For A Better Tomorrow” may have been an extensive odyssey for Deckard himself - but it has definitely been worth waiting for.





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