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  Playpad Circus "Phantasma EP"  
  eqx-045 / eqx-045dgtl | Format: 10" / Digital
  Release Date: December 14th, 2012 (Digital) | December 14th, 2012 (Vinyl)  
  Artist Pictures: Playpad Circus | zip  


(01) Trailer’s Drop
(02) Sculpting Supernova
(03) Maria Parhuzam
(04) Drink And Fuck
(05) Wide Awake

Vinyl 10"

(01) Trailer’s Drop
(02) Sculpting Supernova

(03) Maria Parhuzam
(04) Wide Awake

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Berlin's producer wonderkid and Finest Ego Beat Championship winner Playpad Circus is finally ready to drop his debut solo EP "Phantasma" on Equinox Records – an experimental, but yet utterly banging adventure in electronic music!

While the wonky-ish "Trailer's Drop" works more like an introduction to the whole EP, "Sculpting Supernova" is where "Phantasma" really starts to get loose. Exteme edits are combined with a flipped vocal by Noah23 over an impeccable drumbeat with a slight dirty south flavour. A new level is reached with the next track: "Maria Parhuzam" - a pushing, straight techno style beat, which underpins multiple layers of sounds and melodies. This track will leave nobody untouched. Finally, "Drink And Fuck", a song that can only be found on the digital version of the EP as it was just recently released on a 10inch split vinyl from our friends at Luana Records, represents anger and energy with a kind of punk approach to it.

With "Phantasma" Playpad Circus enters the beatmaker scene with a completely inimitable style. Through the additional support from the colleagues at Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego the EP should be another big step forward in Playpad Circus' uprising career. The vinyl edition is released in early december as a limited 10inch and, as usual, includes a download card for all tracks.

About Playpad Circus:

Christian Fischer a.k.a. Playpad Circus is an eclectic musician/composer/beatmaker from Berlin.

Musically trained at very young age by his father in playing guitar and violin, Playpad Circus also started making electronic music with computer and keyboard when he was 10. A couple of years later, not saving money for that serious electric guitar, he rather spent the cash on turntables that led his way from Hip-Hop to experimental electronic music.

His love for boombastic sounds, film scores, rock and club music as well as the ability to handle and combine all those different styles in his works, made him an established figure in the new German electronic scene. Soon afterwards, Playpad Circus’ connections reached out to international level where has made remixes for a diverse bunch of Hip-Hop and Indie/Electronica acts such as Kraddy (formerly of The Glich Mob), Subtle (Lex Records), 2econd Class Citizen (Equinox), Bleubird (Endemik), among others.

In 2010, he released the self titled collaboration album "Noah23 / Playpad Circus" with Canadian rap legend Noah23 while he also focused on several band projects. Joining the gipsy-punk group Diving For Sunken Treasure as a bass player, he became part of the new Berlin swing scene and is constantly playing street gigs as well as big festivals.

Performing numerous live electronic shows in the past 2 years as a solo artist made Playpad Circus a favoured act in the European scene. Winning the first Finest Ego Beatmaker Challenge in 2011 raised expectations for a solo release. And here we are…

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