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  Various Artists "Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3"  
  eqx-050 / eqx-050dgtl | Format: 3LP / Digital
  Release Date: May 17th, 2013 (Digital) / May 24th (Vinyl)  
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(01) Geste - Inhale (Spitting Concrete Intro)
(02) Godblesscomputers - Romania
(03) Andreikelos – Beautiful Mountain of Algos
(04) Skyence - Scars
(05) Playpad Circus - Megalomaniac
(06) Fulgeance - Cypher
(07) Anthony Drawn - Lighthouse (feat. Graciellita)
(08) 2econd Class Citizen – I That I Am
(09) Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat - Landing Strip
(10) Glen Porter - The Devil’s Chariot
(11) Geste – Exhale (Intermission)
(12) Gone Beyond – Kill Ya Sound
(13) Bit-Tuner – Getaway
(14) Kopfklang - Piet Mann 4
(15) Deckard – St. Ella
(16) 2econd Class Citizen - On Emptiness (Keys Re-Work)
(17) Dday One - Anechoic Chamber
(18) J. Baracuz - Before The Storm
(19) Andreikelos – Roots Go Deep (feat. Bombers of Consciousness)
(20) Kopfklang – Ave Mensch
(21) David Vangel - I Heard You Sing


Counter Future is the third release in Equinox Records’ Sound Exposure compilation series, which debuted back in 2004. This album also marks the 50th release on the label and acts as the 10th anniversary compilation, making it a truly special and momentous affair.

“I wanted the selection to sound timeless yet still have a modern, futuristic vibe”, says label founder and compiler Günter Stöppel aka DJ Scientist. The first release in the Sound Exposure series, Welcome to the Neo Golden Age, defined the dual organic/electronic sound that the label has come to be known for. With this latest instalment of the series Scientist wants to set another important landmark for the label’s growing catalogue.

Counter Future is far from just a simple label sampler, composed almost entirely of exclusive tracks from the label’s roster and its extended, worldwide family. It is a coherent and unique album that showcases the broad spectrum and various facets of today’s electronic and beat scenes. Across 21 tracks from 17 different artists Counter Future is the most extensive and complete release on the label yet: you’ll find acclaimed French producer Fulgeance alongside long term Equinox artists such as 2econd Class Citizen and Deckard as well as close affiliates and friends including Los Angeles’ Dday One and Glen Porter. Each artist contribute their own unique musical mark to this anniversary release.

The compilation opens with the epic, film score-like introduction by producer and bassist Geste. It is followed by one of the label’s latest signings, Italy’s Godblesscomputers with his track Romania. Next is the turn of Greek producer Andreikelos and his Beautiful Mountain of Algos, a powerful downbeat and melodic composition. Germany’s Skyence contributes the haunting, neo space age electronica of Scars while Finest Ego Beat Championship winner Playpad Circus brings the splendid Megalomaniac. Fulgeance provides the epic Cypher with his trademark swing and bounce, Anthony Drawn teams up with Graciellita from L.A. on the stunning Lighthouse while 2econd Class Citizen, Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat and Glen Porter deliver the kind of organic and sample-based vibes they are best known for.

Counter Future is roughly divided into two parts with another Geste track, Exhale (Intermission), acting as the divider. Following this, come the vigorous Kill Ya Sound by L.A. producer Gone Beyond, Bit-Tuner’s bass heavy Getaway and Kopfklang’s Piet Mann 4, a very interesting composition from the upcoming Berlin producer. Next up, Deckard provides a stunning composition with St. Ella, while 2econd Class Citizen re-appears with another exclusive track, On Emptiness, originally released on his classic 2009 album A World Without. This new version reworks the original with added piano by Kevin Matthews. Underground L.A legend Dday One supplies Anechoic Chamber, J. Baracuz delivers Before The Storm, Andreikelos teams up with Bombers Of Consciousness and Kopfklang provides his second track Ave Mensch, a darker production that is followed by Canada’s David Vangel’s I Heard You Sing, the last track of the album. The song closes the compilation with beautiful choruses and vocals, accompanied with the kind of soulful drumming Vangel has made his trademark.

Despite its length Counter Future remains a cohesive listen and manages to once again showcase the amalgamation of sounds and styles that the label has become known and loved for. All of which makes it an essential album for fans of Equinox Records both old and new.

German Info as pdf.

About Equinox Records:

Equinox Records was founded in late 2002 as a platform to release music for artists that shared the same ideas and visions of sound and art. Originally based in Munich and residing in Berlin since 2005, the label is still following its early concept of “organic/electronic” beats. Since then, it has released new urban music in genre fields that range from leftfield electronica and instrumental hip-hop to styles like glitch, idm, electro and dubstep.

Many aspiring artists have joined the roster or have contributed to Equinox releases so far: 2econd Class Citizen (UK), Deckard (GER), Ceschi (USA), DJ Scientist (GER), David Vangel (CAN), Geste (FR), Kraddy (USA), Son Of Kick (UK), Godblesscomputers (IT), Demokracy (RUS), Sole And The Skyrider Band (USA), Free The Robots (USA), Arcsin (USA), Emynd (USA), DiViNCi (USA), just to name a few. Furthermore, remixers and featured guests included artists like Mochipet (USA), 2Mex (USA, Visionaries), Mikah 9 (USA, Freestyle Fellowship), Fulgeance (FR, Musique Large), Si Begg (UK, Noodles, Big Dada), Awol One (USA) and K-The-I??? (Mush / Big Dada).

Concentrating on exceptional and remarkable designs (physical releases often include stencings, embossings, printed inlays and extensive gatefold sleeves) the label has been getting lots positive press feedback in electronica and hip-hop magazines as well as in design and art publications.

With physical distribution through Kudos in London (Worldwide) and Finetunes taking over the digital, Equinox Records gained attention from music lovers all over the world. And the formula for the continuous success is quite simple: quality in music, quality in artwork and the fusion of both.






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