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  DECKARD "Future World EP"  
  eqxdgtl-001 | Format: Digital  
  Release Date: January 30, 2009  
  Download Snippet Bundle: snippets  

(01) Surgery mp3
(02) Noir Desire (Part 2) mp3
(03) Futureworld mp3
(04) Alpha 79 mp3
(05) Is This The End?


The "Future World EP" is the first release on the new Equinox Records sublabel EQUINOX.DIGITAL. Deckard, the Downbeat / IDM mastermind from munich, creates a fantastic debut for the label as well as an astonishing and long awaited follow-up release to his "Noir Desire EP".
The 5 tracks are packed with complex sound layers and spheres, shifting between the rhythms of hauling impulsive machinery and spacy melodies. These immense soundscapes fully live up to the name "Future World". Deckard is able to create a cosmos of his own, captivating the listener and leaving us with great expectations for his upcoming full length release.

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