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  DJ Scientist "Raincoatman"  
  eqxdgtl-007 | Format: Digital  
  Release Date: October 5, 2012  
  Listen: Soundcloud Set  

(01) Raincoatman
(02) Raincoatman (Andreikelos Remix)
(03) Nightdrive Memories
(04) Raincoatman (DJ Sept Remix)


Raincoatman” is the first single of DJ Scientist’s upcoming album “For Better, For Worse.”. Although this can partly be considered a reissue, as the original version of Raincoatman has been released on several compilations before, a brand new, more electronic remix by Andreikelos as well as a new track called “Nightdrive Memories” make this single an essential release.

The title track, “Raincoatman”, is instrumental Hip-Hop at its very best - rarely are there songs that can express melancholy and beauty with such perfection. The slowed down remix by the immensely talented Greek producer Andreikelos, who recently made a lot of noise with his “Euryphaessa EP”, adds an even deeper vibe to this captivating tune. Next, the meticulously constructed album track “Nightdrive Memories” showcases Scientist’s production and arrangement skills. Another great remix of “Raincoatman” by DJ Sept is concluding the single, a track which previously has been released by Equinox on his remix EP.

Raincoatman” is one of the true classic songs by DJ Scientist and finally received it’s long overdue single release. The amazing full length album “For Better, For Worse.” will drop on Equinox Records as vinyl and in digital form end of october.

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