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As a “journey in blurred memories”, that’s how Mnemotrauma’s music once has been described: With the use of well-chosen samples and pulsing beats, the producer from Mainz Germany is indeed capable to infiltrate the listeners mind by his sinister and beautiful compositions. Finding his musical roots in Hip-Hop, Mnemotrauma later became influenced by jazz and jazzfunk as well as the progressive excrescences of 70's rock music. While being a founding member of the Offbeaters, an independent and international network for alternative music, Mnemotrauma already made himself a name with some publications on Subversiv records: His first album "Der Audiopath", which was originally released on CD in 2001, was reissued in the year 2003 on vinyl. And just recently he collaborated with the west coast underground MCs Awol One, Circus and Life Rexall (of The Shapeshifters Crew / L.A.) with 2 tracks. After another 7" (along with DJ Scientist / Equinox Records) which featured his song “Waiting for the Sun”, further instrumental works are in progress. And since Mnemotrauma’s style and outcome is hard to predict one never knows on which journey he will take the listener next.

Mnemotrauma appears on the following releases on Equinox Records:

  2001 Mnemotrauma „Der Audiopath“ CD (Syntax Produktion)
2002 Track on Offbeats Compilation Vol 1: “Leerstelle” LP (Subversiv Records)
2003 Mnemotrauma „Der Audiopath“ LP (Subversiv Records)
2003 Paradox „Ich tu dir nicht weh“ Paradox - Prosaik CD (self released)
2004 Mnemotrauma feat. Shapeshifters “Language Differences”/”Homesick” 7" (Subversiv Records)
2004 Mnemotrauma “Waiting for the Sun” on Welcome to the Neo Golden Age Split 7” / (Equinox Records)
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